About Us

The Company LINDA INVEST is a relatively young and zonal appeared on the local market service providers in the field of storage and rental of property, its founding year being 2003.

The company started with renting storage space in Braila, but the quality of execution and the seriousness with which these deposits were considered contractual commitments with customers, have brought at least trust capital to recommend it for new collaborations.

Organization’s ability to adapt quickly to changing customer requirements and, in general, the rental market in deposits, has enabled the construction of new warehouses and in the Galati which assumed the use of materials and technologies required standards the European Community.

This was possible in the company’s management understood the first time as one of the key elements of the operation of this activity is its ability to take actions to ensure its continuous compliance with requirements.

S.C. LINDA INVEST SRL is a dynamic company, eager to consolidate its position in the market segment that works by renting warehouses whose reference element to be qualitative.

Now that the company has leased warehouse space with clients nationally representative demonstrates that the direction towards which the development company is good.

Activity S.C. LINDA INVEST SRL conducted under a constant concern for environmental protection and especially to ensure full security of our clients in their actions.

BRAILA, BD.DOROBANTILOR Street, no. 669, Postal Code 810 145.
phone / fax: 0239 616 103, mobile: 0720 533 687
e-mail: linda@upcmail.ro, web page: www.lindainvest.ro
National Trade Register Office: J 09 / 905 / 2003
VAT: RO15968014


According to data contained in the registration certificate of SC LINDA INVEST SRL, the company’s core business is:

Non-specialized wholesale, CAEN code 4690;

Business Objects side:

Storage, CAEN code 5210;
Renting and operating of own or leased property, code CAEN 6820;

S.C. LINDA INVEST LLC rent storage space in Braila and Galati.