Warehouse D1

* Space can be divided into 2 or 3 separate modules Depending on the needs.

• Current water, gas, electricity 220V and 380V with separate metering for each deposit;
• Phone, internet, cable TV;
• Central heating;
• Smoke detectors;
• Gas detectors;
• Motion detectors;
• Alarm system;
• Automatic smoke hatches;
• Skylights for natural light;
• Industrial floor epoxy (it is interwoven health and is recommended for special conditions of hygiene);
• Floor drains;
• 6 cm thermal insulation extruded polystyrene
• 4 internal hydrants;
• Fans with electric drive to toilets;
• Outdoor water standard buffer with 2 fire pumps and diesel electric;
• Power generator for supplying the driving energy of deposits doors, rolling doors inside the entrance, outside lights and drilled shaft;
• Deposits in eaves height is 5.60 m;
• 6 electric gates with automatic opening inside the remote entry for cars and heavy vehicles (width 8.50ml) (to avoid deadlock);
• 6 foot gates to enter the premises;
• Quick access after DN 26, access shooting;
• Roller door with electric drive and manual input in warehouses;
• pedestrian doors at the entrance of deposits;
• Parking;
• Outdoor lighting at night (auto powered by photocells);
• Security and video surveillance with recording non-stop;
• Lighning rod with a range of 150m (diameter)

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